Painting: A detail of painted lilies.

Two new paintings to be unveiled at two different sites this month.

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Two new paintings are going to be unveiled at two different sites during September 2016.

The first, takes place at 10.30 on 10th Sept at Mawgan Church in the Vyvyan Coach house, at Mawgan in Meneage, Helston, Cornwall.

The second, will take place in a Church near Penzance, Cornwall, on Thursday September 29th 2016, at 7pm . The address & location will be posted a few days before. This is because this Church would like to keep the occasion a surprise for their community, who will know only that there is a service and an event, but no more .

This large oil painting took me two years to complete, and it includes some good natured family & friends that modelled for me. I began the research for it in 2013, and spent many many months choosing the stories that best illustrate the complexity of our life Journeys, which is the theme that runs through this work.  A small publication will be available which explores this subject matter. It brings together bible text & poetry, with colour illustrations of this painting.


Small detail from the painting to be unveiled on Sept 29th.