Zoe Cameron

English Figurative Artist

Zoe Cameron is a British figurative painter, who lives and works in Cornwall.
Her imagery carries within it a very personal narrative. In her paintings she binds fragments from different worlds, to transform her thoughts and visions into a reality.
As an artist for more than 4 decades, her visual language has evolved, but her choice of subject matter, women, childhood, angels and animals, remain at the heart of her work.
She says “…As a solitary child I had plenty of time to use my imagination and found I had strong bonds with nature & animals, this has never left me”. “ I paint to understand the world I see: human nature, relationships, power and responsibility, the complexity of a moment, and the transitory nature of our lives.
It is the same universal & philosophical subject matter that has generated art in all its disciplines for centuries”.


Portrait of a lovely fella leaves the studio 


 and arrives safely .....