Over the years, I have been commissioned to paint people from all over. Whether it is family, friends or even other artists. I’ve always tried to capture details of the individual in a distinctive way.
painting of the head of a man with generous features.
Paintings: Truro Cathedral . All Saints Chapel. Paintings in the stone arches of The Stations of The Cross.

Truro Cathedral

In 2011, Zoe Cameron was invited by Truro Cathedral to make ten oil paintings for the All Saints Chapel.

Her interpretation of The Stations of the Cross was made specifically to fit into the Cathedral's stone arches, with the exception of the of Christ on the Cross which hangs to the front of the altar table...

St Breaca Church

Father Peter invited Zoe to decorate Godolphin chapel for one day in August.

In response, the eleven oil paintings were especially made or selected to hang in the healing Chapel and included two drawings on ceramic vases. She chose the painting depicting the war in Syria, to represent world conflict, the flower paintings on either side are a memorial to the suffering and loss of the war...

Painting:A Still life withs 3 eggs . Green china on an orange table top.
Painting: Archangel Michael flying and pointing, with blue sky behind.

All Saints Church Marazion

A painting telling the story of pilgrimage has been unveiled at All Saints Church in Marazion.

Artist Zoe Cameron spent over two years working on the specially commissioned artwork which features one large central image of St Michael with fishermen and 12 small images telling different stories of life journeys and experiences...

Vyvyan Coach House

This Commission celebrates life in a small Cornish village.

The colourful narrative reflects several elements, putting Mawgan Church, and an attentive mother and child at the core of the community...

Painting: A mother and child are seated, with a church behind, and children singing, with a jug of daffodils on a table and an angel flying above.