Ex Votive.Effect of war on children.Painting title - April 27th 2016 Al Quds Field Hospital , Aleppo ,Syria. Staff and Patients are killed in an air strike by Government and Russian forces. Oil on board.Two children are injured one cries and looks at his damaged hands. Behind them a bomb explodes and two men in dark suites watch .

Who tilts the scales?

Over the years, like many artists, I have made paintings in which I explore mans inhumanity to man, and to nature. For me a determining measure of a civilised , caring society is its willingness to tolerate harming behaviour. 

Painting detail. I The target . Triptych. Oil on board .A figure  who loves animals holds a relaxed tabby cat, has a bird on one shoulder and a goat at the other.
Detail. I The target . Triptych. Oil on board .

In this collection of paintings, I have gathered together imagery that illustrates what I consider to be ‘harming’ behaviour . Some of the paintings were made for a project entitled 100 painted vows. These images tell the stories of War & Politics, Sexual Predators, Environmental and Animal abuse, Human Rights & Slavery, Trolls, Domestic abuse & Mental Health .

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