Painting:Putin stands and watches injured children with 3 bombers flying over an exploding building.

Who tilts the scales?

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Over the years, like many artists, I have made paintings in which I explore mans inhumanity to man, and to nature. For me a determining measure of a civilised , caring society is its willingness to tolerate harming behaviour. 

Painting detail. I The target . Triptych. Oil on board .A figure  who loves animals holds a relaxed tabby cat, has a bird on one shoulder and a goat at the other.
Detail. I The target . Triptych. Oil on board .

In this collection of paintings, I have gathered together imagery that illustrates what I consider to be ‘harming’ behaviour . Some of the paintings were made for a project entitled 100 painted vows. These images tell the stories of War & Politics, Sexual Predators, Environmental and Animal abuse, Human Rights & Slavery, Trolls, Domestic abuse & Mental Health .