Painting:A dentist drilling the mouth of a scared patient in a chair, behind is a smiling nurse.

Visiting the dentist.

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We have all been there ,from reception greetings into the waiting room, rows of seats …. which one to choose, local radio through muffled speakers, bored children, drill noises coming through closed doors.

Recently it was my turn for a check up . Actually, my current dentist is a delightful Scottish woman who takes every care of both me and my teeth. However I can’t say the experience has always been so relaxing over the years.

Some years ago I encountered a very stout fellow , who thought nothing of wrapping his thick hairy arm around my neck and squashing my face into his stomach as he manoeuvred his way around my mouth, with a variety of sharp instruments, all the time, his smiling assistant watched admiringly.

So not long after, I recorded my experience in this painting, as it made me laugh , but I did change my dentist !

A painting of a male dentist in whites, wo has a drill in the mouth of a seated woman, who is looking anxiously at him and a smiling nurse standing behind watching.
At the Dentists. Oil on paper. Archive.1986.