A girl hangs onto a tree branch above a big black bear which is coming up behind a girl wearing a sun hat, relaxing on grass , on a sunny day.

Ukraine , One year on.

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A friend in need. Oil on canvas. 2009. 30 x 24 inch. Part of Aesop’s Fables series. NFS.

Like others, I wanted to mark this week’s sad anniversary, of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

For the last twelve months, every day, through the media we have all witnessed the horrors unfold,  since Russia’s attack on the Ukrainian people . Brave survivors have told us their personal stories, of unimaginable suffering and endurance. Ordinary people now living in a nightmare, forced to fight for their lives and families, their country and futures. 

My thoughts remain with all the innocents of this cruel war and those good souls helping, peace cannot come soon enough x.