A close up of the heads of 3 Putti.

There is always light and darkness on the way.

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A close up of the heads of 3 Putti.
We come into the world . Detail -Three putti.
Painting- Children in the countryside with butterflies.
and go looking for butterflies. Ex Voto.
Painting of two children meeting beside a table of exhibits.
share efforts and meet up with others.
A girl in a small rowing boat on the sea besides a big whale.
we go on adventures, fishing for whales.
Painting - child on a beach with a dog putting a mermaid in a bucket.
and sometimes catch a mermaid. Archive.
Girl with a dog in her arms.
Make life long friendships. Archive.
An angry boy on a bike .
encounter people full of rage.
A woman with an axe surrounded by body parts and a figure enjoying the company of animals.
both evil and kind souls cross our path.
A head with open mouth, spits out floating figures above.
we spit out our devils.
A face looks into water and sees the reflection in the water below.
and reflect on life . Archive.
Two women dancing together and laughing.
we laugh and dance.
Black and white dog asleep in a black and white chair.
and then we rest. Archive.
Flowers in a jug on a windowsill. Behind are birds in the garden.
and all the while there is the quiet beauty of nature .
Artist in her studio with a painting.
Enjoy spring x.