Painting:Boy hugs a sleeping pig ,with a Moor hen and two chicks in the foreground.

The Supermarket using an animal welfare App to select suppliers .

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A two year trial by Waitrose is taking place, of a prize winning App designed by Scotlands Rural College . Their inspectors will check the quality of a farm animals life, recording and identifying different qualities of behaviour, such as relaxed, playful, tense or anxious, where it is reared.

Most UK farmers care deeply about the welfare of their animals , but as a consumer is another reassuring move in the right direction that helps to ensure farm animals reared in the UK have a good quality of life.

Farming UK reported . The app is underpinned by scientific research, which its creator, Prof Francoise Wemelsfelder, calls ‘Qualitative Behavioural Assessment’ (QBA). “Good physical health is vital for welfare but there is clear consensus among the scientific community that factors such as enjoyment, contentment and positive excitement play an equally vital role in ensuring that an animal has a good life,” he said.

“QBA not only provides a way to assess these factors, it also opens up the conversation about what positive emotional wellbeing for an animal truly looks like.

Art - human & animal friendships.Painting of a sleeping pig - a boy and some moor hens, on the theme of kindness to animals
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