The mural, St Breaca church. Breage, Cornwall.

The St Breaca Madonna hangs in Godolphin Chapel.

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The ancient Church of St Breaca , found in the Cornish village of Breage , is known for its beautiful medieval murals one of which shows St Christopher carrying Christ as a child on his shoulder .

St Christopher. Mural, St Breaca church. Breage, Cornwall.

Mural, St Breaca Church. Breage, Cornwall.

Last year I made a painting for Godolphin Chapel in St Breaca Church  , it depicts Mary with Christ as a child.  My hope was that by hanging the painting on the wall, originally to the left of the altar , that the image of Mary and Christ might in some way welcome visitors that enter , particularly as the space is also known as a healing chapel. For that reason I did not paint Christ as a babe in arms, as to me, this is a demanding time for any mother, rather, I chose to present them more informally, Christ as a small child, wrapping himself in his his Mothers cloak, compositionally freeing Mary , to ‘connect’ with the visitor  .

On 1st Nov 2015 , we attended a Sunday Service taken by Father Peter, a small part of the ceremony marked the refurbishment of The Godolphin Chapel ,( which is connected historically with the Godolphin family and Godolphin House, now a part of the National Trust) . The little Chapel now has new chairs, kneelers , an oak altar rail and wooden chest made by Trefor Bowen and I am pleased to be able to say that ‘The St Breaca Madonna, now hangs permanently in the Chapel, to the right of the altar by request. It seems the congregation wanted to be able to see her in the chapel from their seats , while attending service in the main church .

'St Breaca Madonna'.

‘St Breaca Madonna’.