The Marquess of Bath.

As the BBC are presenting ‘All Change at Longleat’ this evening at 9pm. I thought I would look out the study I have, which I made of the Marquess of Bath in 2002. It was painted at Longleat, in his private apartments.

He was a very sweet host , happy for me to check out his wardrobe for colours and fabrics I thought best suited him , but more than that, he was a very patient sitter and interesting to chat with as I worked away mixing colours , reworking parts of the painting as I tried to catch his sparkle and a likeness.

Back in my studio in Cornwall , I used the painting as reference for the large oil portrait I made of him with Boudicca his dog .  It now hangs at Longleat House.

Oil study 2002 .  Marquess of Bath.
Oil study 2002 .
Marquess of Bath.


Portrait of Lord Bath.
Portrait of Lord Bath.


Party at Longleat . 2012
Party at Longleat . 2012


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