A painting of a young girl leaning against a wall wearing red pyjamas

The girl in red pyjamas.

In Zoe Cameron Blog by Zoe Cameron

This oil painting sits in my studio today. The subject , is a member of our family, much loved and often painted…. and as we near the end of another year I am conscious that she is much grown and that time has raced away.

I enjoy this mellow season. From my studio window I love to watch the leaves on the trees turning beautiful shades of red and yellow , the garden birds are hungrier for seed now and daylight has lost its clarity. Early morning , down at the bottom of the overgrown garden we surprise a blackbird , and tiny Jenny Wren tells the cats to clear off while I fill the bird seed trays. Indoors, in the light and warmth of the house, tentative family arrangements are being made for the Christmas holidays…. good health and the weather permitting . From the studio, my design for a Christmas card finally gets to the designers for layout and print . The familiar cycles of a life , a comfort in this turbulent and angry world.

So its time for our wintery evenings by a cosy fire , in a big jumper sharing good company and conversation. Enjoy all the wonders this season has to offer x.