The Coronation Meadows.

SHOPPING : The Yellow Finch Painted Lid The Yellow Finch Painted Lid oil painting of a yellow finch flying painted onto the wooden lid of a container
The yellow Finch.
Human impact on Nature: Environmental Crime. painting- Scientists warn that our insects could e extinct in a century-3 rows of 16 insects painted to represent a victorian display case of dead insects.Includes beetles, butterfly-moth-spider-stag beetle
Endangered insects. Oil on board. 2019.

I listened with great optimism to the radio recently, a rare thing with all the sad news and angry discord . The speakers were sharing information about Coronation Meadows .

It seems that in partnership with conservation charity Plantlife , farmland has been reclaimed for wild flowers, in places where the public can visit. The idea celebrates the beauty and diversity of wildflower meadows for The Queen. Sites where photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas has recorded the resulting abundance of orchids, insects and birds.

Environmentally this is great, and something to look forward to when things improve. If like me, you would like to enjoy the spectacle in Cornwall, at Godolphin Meadows Helston, Cornwall, or to find a site else where in Uk, Ireland, Whales, Scotland or our Islands, follow the link below:

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To find out more about the charity Plantlife :

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