Painting:Rows of endangered specimen insects Including beetles, butterfly-moth-spider-stag beetle

Stag Beetles .

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Because of the Coronavirus , those fortunate to have access to a garden or outside space, may have had some quiet time to get out there and to see what’s been going on with all the beautiful birds and bugs that share our world.

This weekend we are encouraged to look out for Stag Beetles. It seems they need of our help, along with a lot of other endangered insects, on whom we rely without knowing it.

The beetles larvae live underground for a few years growing and eating old wood, so if you have a tidy garden they are less likely to visit , this is my excuse!

Stag beetles look prehistoric , wonderful , harmless and are one of the many amazing insects on the endangered list, that we need to nurture not kill.

This painting is one from series of a hundred, that I made over a number of years until 2019, to mark events, both personal and worldwide, that matter to me .

painting- Scientists warn that our insects could e extinct in a century-3 rows of 16 insects painted to represent a victorian display case of dead insects.Includes beetles, butterfly-moth-spider-stag beetle
Scientists warn that our insects could be extinct in a century. Oil on board . 2019