Sir Alfred Munnings at Lamorna Inn

I came across this sun filled and evocative painting, by Sir Alfred Munnings, of Lamorna Wink pub. 

Sir Alfred Munnings painting of Lamorna Inn.
Sir Alfred Munnings painting of Lamorna Inn.

The pub is still there on route to Lamorna Cove in Cornwall, although it has been modernised . There was a time I used to go there once in a while for a bit of lunch , with my old friend Paddy, before she died.  Inside the pub was so cosy , especially on cold or rainy days , a slate floor, beams black as pitch, the walls a cream colour from the wood fire and decades of cigarette smoke , pub dogs snoozing or barking , lots of brass and memorabilia which told stories of the cove and sea adventures, greeted with a big welcome from landlord .

In good company, what more could you want!

Portrait of Paddy. Oil on board.1992.
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