The Circus Arrives

Painted Biscuit Box


As a small child when the circus arrived it was a big event, visually exciting. The normally empty grass common was turned into a spectacle of unfamiliar colour, lights, sounds & smells. Nowadays, quite rightly, we no longer find it acceptable for wild animals to perform tricks, but the entertainers continue to amaze us with their skills.

This painting is about the tenderness of the elephant entrusted with the baby, and the clown who in wonderful costumes, an agent of both our laughter and fear, takes us to another world.

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Artist catalogued & marked with studio number, signed to base, dated 2014.

Loose Lid: Stainless steel handle & fitted rubber seal.
Size:157 x 157mm
At base – Width 158 x 158mm .
At top – Width140 x 140 mm
Height outside including lid: 204mm approx including handle
Box Inside: Fixed white plastic liner.
Height 152mm x Width 115mm.