Painting:Black cat in a basket on a table with jugs of flowers and apples.

Same as it ever was.

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While civilisations moral compass lays trampled underfoot by so many in the world…. as reported 24/7 in the media. I hope that you can find peace of mind and good health on this wet and windy Sunday. So I thought I’d share with you this gentle painting of my cat and garden fruits painted in 2010, and show you the boxes of new paints that have just arrived in my studio and that will keep me busy. I hope that these colourful jewels … or these tubes of old holland oil paint, will aid my studio alchemy, we shall see x.

September fruits . Oil on card . 2010
New paints just delivered! ( behind them a lid from a recently painted box, the subject matter inspired by a rather sad story about endangered Tortoises) . Incidentally , Old Holland paints have very dense pigment unlike some other brands which can have excess oil .