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In a new category in the web shop, I thought I’d share some of the paintings I have in the studio that have never been seen, that were made for Sacred spaces.

‘One Hundred Painted Vows’. 

These paintings are my response to the avalanche of information we deal with every day, and the feeling that important moments and events were not being given the time they deserved. In response I made this collection of paintings which tell the stories of both personal and international events I wanted to mark over a number of years.

The work also pays homage to the tradition of the Ex Votive and Christian offerings, which are made by and for members of the public. For displayed within a church, they remind the visiting traveller, that there is a shared common good in the world, and invite the Pilgrim to leave their own prayer or thanks vow.

  • Detail : One Hundred Painted Vows. Rows of small oil paintings line the wall. In each the artist has recorded with an image and text a significant personal or world event .
  • ExVoto.paintings of World events.

One Hundred Painted Vows.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. Diptych.

These two very large paintings on board were made for the ceiling of my studio. If you have an interest in angels, you will know that each of these Divine messengers has a different role written down and painted through history. Archangel Michael fights evil and defends integrity . Archangel Raphael brings to us a regenerative healing life force.

I apologise for the basic photos , they were just quick pictures of work in progress. For information on size etc , click link in shop below.

A painting of Arch Angel Michael, Diptych.
Archangel Michael in progress in the studio.
A large painting of healing angel Raphael
In the studio . Archangel Raphael in progress.

Archangel Michael. Diptych .

Archangel Raphael. Diptych.

In memory of ‘Sleeping’ Children.

In 2014 I was invited to decorate Godolphin chapel for one day in August. The space is known as the healing chapel . With this in mind, two of the paintings that I made were entitled Sleep I & II. In them I reflect on the death of a child , the darkest experience a parent and family could ever have, and to honour the life long sadness for a sibling as angels watch over in that darkest hour.

A Painting of a child that has passed away at night . An Angel watches over above.
Sleep II
A Painting of Sisters cuddle up on the sofa. One has passed away. An Angel watches over above.
Sleep I

Sleep I & Sleep II

The Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve.

Again, these were a part of the 2014 Godolphin healing chapel paintings. I decided to paint, ‘where trouble began’ in the Bible, with the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, when Adam took that bite from the apple, it’s healing that we need after trouble strikes.

Garden of Eden - Painting of Adam with the snake. Diptych.
Painting of Adam with the snake. Diptych.
Painting of Eve in the garden of Eden. Diptych.
Eve. Diptych .Oil on board.

From the garden of Eden . Adam and Eve. Diptych