Painting: A flying angel taking the hand of Eve

Paintings return to Truro Cathedral.

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Artist working in her studio with paintings behind which were made for Truro cathedral
Studio – Preparing board for a Cathedral painting 2011.

The ten oil paintings which record The Passion and will be on view this year for Lent .

The Stations of The Cross, record Christ’s final journey to his death and close with an image of Christs resurrection as He releases Adam and Eve from limbo, and they are guided towards heaven by an angel.

Truro Cathedral :Painting detail of an angel coming down to help in The Resurrection - illustrating The Stations of The Cross
Detail – Angel guiding Eve to heaven.

Nine of the pieces fit into the Cathedral’s stone arches, the painting of Christ on The Cross, watched over by two angels hangs to the front of the Altar.

In 2011 I was invited to make these paintings for Truro Cathedral, which took me two years to complete. It seems significant that they are returning to the Chapel , in the wake of the Pandemic, which has taken us on our own painful journeys, and for many, those difficulties continue. As in the Stations of The Cross, we have felt a fear for the future, the need to find inner strength, and the all consuming desolation of grief and loss. We have also felt the kindness, love and the help of strangers, those good people we didn’t know existed until our hour of need, and it reminds me of how connected we remain today to this extraordinary and transformative journey .

On view in All Saints Chapel Truro Cathedral, between March 1st 2022 – April 21st 2022.

My special thanks to Buttz for his film and all at Truro Cathedral .