Painting:A large mechanical figure with aggressive dogs on leads, targets a small standing victim. Graffiti on the wall says 'you made me'.

On Anti bullying week.

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We all recognise that bullying is delivered in a variety of guises. As it is anti bullying week and ironically there is a bit about it in the news , I wanted to put this post up to support two much loved and bright female members of my family . They know all about what its like to be targeted by a bully and their enabling ‘bully monkeys’, (the folks that protect the abuser in order to benefit from the bully’s actions).

As soon as someone who has been really out of order, tells you its ok because they are passionate, or the victim here, or worse they pretend to defend a cause they don’t give a damn about, or say it didn’t happened , as a means of excusing their abusive, insulting, intimidating or humiliating actions , … the red light should go on .

A cautionary warning for the loyal supporters of a bully, ( who are accumulated for use in the abusers ‘stable’), your position is precarious , they will throw you under the bus without a care …. especially if you do not , support them without question loud and clear, if you can see though them, or if they just need another target to add to their endless trail of a misery, damage and destruction .

In my experience the abuser has a fragile ego and needs to put on a ‘show’, (be abusive), regularly. This ‘maintains control ‘ of how they are perceived ( perhaps as dictator or victim today, maybe both at the same time), and this keeps supporters in line, but more important, these bulling episodes provide the cover, for all stuff they really want to keep hidden about themselves.

Painting in which the Image portrays a bully ( like a machine), who controls 4 angry dogs, while abusing a victim.
The tyrant ll. Triptych. Mixed media on board.
Happy children playing
Happy children playing

So stay in the light, grow stronger and be happy x.

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