A close up of the eyes , from a portrait painted of male punk rocker Buttz.

Immortalised Punk arrives home

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A close up of the eyes , from a portrait painted of male punk rocker Buttz.
Detail. Portrait of Punk legend Buttz. Oil on board. 2013.

It’s hard to believe that it was ten years ago we had a great day at the Lander Gallery in Truro Cornwall…. with my gratitude to the lovely Viv Hendra who at the time provided the spacious and light filled venue for our gathering at Lemon St Market.

We were there for the unveiling of a large oil portrait I had made of Punk rock legend, and film maker Buttz. For many weeks he had driven over to my studio , so that I could make drawings and try out different ideas before working on the final painting. He was a great model , and unlike his energetic stage performances , he sat very relaxed and still for many hours in his famous snake skin trousers , union jack doc martins and crushed top hat, chatting, as I painted .

Portrait of punk legend Buttz over the Union Jack Flag .
Buttz. Mixed media. 2013

Chrissy, took this and many other great photos on the day.

A photograph of the artist , the model and portrait painting of Punk legend Buttz.
Buttz and artist Zoe Cameron stand beside the unveiled painting at Lander Gallery 2013. Photograph by Chrissy Yoddles.

Paul Williams, press photographer and maker of non-commercial independent personal film and photo projects , wrote this piece about Buttz and the day .

Text and a photograph about the Punk legend Buttz and a portrait which has been made of him
Article by Paul Williams 2013.

Ten years on this week, the almost full sized portrait of Buttz in its ornate gold frame has moved to his ‘forever home’ , where its size will require a bit of reorganisation of the space he is to occupy, so as to view this immortalised and lovely legend at his very best .

It always feels like a big change when a painting with such presence leaves the gallery, but it is enormously satisfying when you know it’s with just the right people , in the perfect place .

Buttz TV films I – V is a series of documentary films which record his experience of having this portrait painted .

View films on YouTube Buttz TV https://www.youtube.com/@BUTTZTV/search?query=Portrait

Film II /III links below :

Part II

Part three : https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/RNPQa5N9vbY?si=Sw1rOpcK6Lf9jmef&start=779