I thank him for your birth & my birth.

The other day I listened to some people discussing ‘Sunshine on Leith’ by the proclaimers and what it meant to them . The words got me thinking of people and animals that have been an important part of my life, and that I have had to say goodbye to.

I would like to share with you a few paintings or details, in which those loved ones became my subject matter, and the happy times I remember . I give thanks .

  • A girl in a shirt and skirt holds a dog in her arms . beside her is a jug.
  • A girl in a white shirt and red skirt holds a dog in her arms . reduced in size beside her is a hospital bed and jug.
  • A Painting of a woman in a hat and patterned dress with a child beside her, they both have wings
  • A painting of a young girl walking towards the viewer and behind her is a woman in a hat and yellow dress. They are both on a path coming down from Donnington Castle
  • A Painting detail in 3 sections which shows a dog, the sea and a person ill in bed
  • Painting of a figure who has fallen asleep with a book under her arm , while an angel hovers above and another figure with wings watches.
  • A Painted screen showing an angel on each of the three panels.
  • Ex Votive Painting of a child and the man in WWII, with a copy of his poem.
  • A table top painted with birds feeding and a note.
  • A figure looks at a hovering angel in gold leaf. Behind them is the Island St Ives, Cornwall.
  • A painting of a jug full of anemones with birds beyond
  • Painting of a bride in full gown who walks towards us from the dark background.
  • Painted detail from an Ex Votive painting showing a US Airman and his girl, depicted both as young and old .
  • Painted Portrait of an artist.
  • Painted Portrait of an artist using a limited palette.
  • Painted Portrait of a woman with a necklace.
  • Painted Portrait of Candy Atherton wearing a red suite.
  • Painted Portrait of Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath.
  • A painting of a child lighting a candle in a church
  • A painting of freesia flowers in a glass .
  • Painting of Terry Frost in front of one of his plate designs on St Ives beach
  • Detail form an Ex Votive painting of ladies and a family at the annual village craft and horticultural show.
  • An Ex Votive painting showing a figure laying in bed followed by an angel. In the foreground is a studio window ledge with two unfired pots.
  • An Ex Votive painting of a figure laying in bed , the other side a figure tells the bees she has died.
  • An Ex Votive painting of a figure laying in a yellow field with a stormy sky.

To listen to the proclaimers ‘Sunshine on Leith’, click the link below.


I will be in the studio ….. x
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