Painting:Two starving lions in Taiz Zoo and children trying to survive a war planes bombs.Ex Voto.

Humanitarian Crisis Warning for Yemen.

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Ex Votive. Painting Title - June 2016. Yemen/Taiz Zoo. Civilians and animals suffer and die trapped in the war. Oil on board. Children on the left hand side of the painting struggle to survive in the bombed city.Above them a war plane has hit a target , a building explodes. The the right contained in 2 small rectangles, two once magnificent lions starve and suffer.
Title – June 2016. Yemen/Taiz Zoo. Civilians and animals suffer and die trapped in the war. Oil on board.

Yemen’s ongoing crises continues. Today on the radio, I listened to an article centred around education and the conditions endured by teachers and children in this war torn country . It seems that some teachers haven’t been paid for a year, schools continue to operate amongst the rubble and bomb damage of buildings, they have no chairs, doors, lights or enough food. Children say they have become used to the sound of gun fire and the need everyday to confront the possibility of dying. Still, schools continue to teach and their children remain eager to learn.

Today the UN warn of yet another threat to Yemen , famine, if as expected the Uk go ahead and cut Aid by perhaps as much as 50% . I can’t offer an explanation of the why’s and wherefores of the military campaign lead by by the Saudi Arabian coalition, I leave that to those more informed, but like you, I do witness the impact on civilians. The world is struggling on so many levels environmentally and practically, here with the fallout of the pandemic and in war torn countries where life is literally a fight to stay alive every day.

So, as an artist, it is towards our elected politicians , heads of state , weapon makers and international negotiators I turn my gaze, when I hear the UN make such grave predictions . However , the date of this paintings is a sad reminder to me, for things to get better, there has to be a will for change, and the Yemeni civilians in 2021 , they still wait.

The painting is a Votive offering, made in 2016. Title – One Hundred Painted Vows.

Happy children playing
Happy children playing

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