Painting:Narcissi in a jug in front of a landscape with rooks and a cloudy sky.

Happy Easter!

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Spring , to see new growth in the garden and in the countryside, the brightness and quality of light , nature in its newness is such a tonic for us all after this winter. Brave flowers slowly begin to appear and the trees come into blossom . It is also time to celebrate in the Christian calendar , a time of rebirth for us all.

This is a painting of the view from my studio window, together with a poem about daisies , because like poet Marjorie Pickthall, I too love to see them on the lawn and watch the little birds eat their seeds when they think no ones looking .

I’d like to wish you a very happy Easter, with plenty of chocolate eggs x !

Narcissi on the studio window ledge. Oil on board .

Daisy Time

By Marjorie Pickthall

See, the grass is full of stars, 

Fallen in their brightness; 

Hearts they have of shining gold, 

Rays of shining whiteness. 

Buttercups have honeyed hearts, 

Bees they love the clover, 

But I love the daisies’ dance 

All the meadow over. 

Blow, O blow, you happy winds, 

Singing summer’s praises, 

Up the field and down the field 

A-dancing with the daisies. 


Stations of The Cross