Painting: Telling an Aesops Fable - with children dressed as animals

G7 Cornwall.

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A painting illustrating one of Aesop's Fables. Mans lust for glory clouds judgment- with children dressed as animals
Aesops Fable . Mans Lust for Glory clouds Judgment . Oil on linen . 2009.

As the great and the good are meeting here in Cornwall very soon, I thought I’d post a few of my paintings with old News Headlines, which highlight a few of the G7 issues to be addressed.

The seven G7 countries are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. Represented jointly by the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission, the EU participates in all discussions as a guest. The UK has also invited leaders from Australia, India, South Africa, and South Korea to attend the Leaders’ Summit as guest countries.

Issues on the agenda – Biodiversity, Governance, Health, Sustainable Development, Industrial Development, Economics & Investment, Climate Change, National Action.

G7 set to strike deal on global corporate taxation

Painting about accused of selling users harvested personal data. To the right of the painting Mark Zuckerberg holds a hoover and is sucking up the contents of the room from the seated figure on the left who is using their computer.
April 20th, 2018. is accused of selling users harvested personal data. Oil on board. 100 painted vows.

Delegates at the meeting said the G7 would agree in principle to change the basis of international corporate tax law for the first time in a century. The historic plan aims to force the world’s biggest companies to pay more tax in countries where they do business, not only where they are headquartered.

Financial Times . Chris Giles

G7 nations committing billions more to fossil fuel than green energy

An Ex Votive painting about Global Warming showing an elephant dying of thirst, a Polar Bear on an Island of ice , traffic fumes and a burnt and bandaged baby Kangaroo.
2017. Global Warming . Help us to see what a wonderful world this is, and to take better care of it . Ex Voto

The nations that make up the G7 have pumped billions of dollars more into fossil fuels than they have into clean energy since the Covid-19 pandemic, despite their promises of a green recovery.

The support for fossil fuels from seven of the world’s richest nations included measures to remove or downgrade environmental regulations as well as direct funding of oil, gas and coal.

Paul Cook, the head of advocacy at Tearfund, which operates in some of the poorest countries in the world most affected by global heating, said: “Every day, we witness the worsening consequences of the climate crisis for communities around the world – farmers’ crops failing; floods and fires engulfing towns and villages; families facing an uncertain future.

Painting about climate change .fire burns as farm animals roam and men fight to put it out.
24th June 2018. Pennine Moor , Lancashire, Uk. The army helped over 100 fire fighters to battle the worst wildfire there in living memory. Its been burning for weeks. Oil on board . 100 Painted Vows . Ex Votive.
Global Warming :Painting about Africa showing a broken Aircraft, houses, people using a freezer as a boat, and a man asking for help with cattle swimming in the flood. Cyclone Idai reminds us of the impact of Climate change . 120 mile an hour winds, then floods caused death and devastation to people and animals.
March 15th 2019. Africa. Cyclone Idai reminds us of the impact of Climate change . 120 mile an hour winds, then floods caused death and devastation to people and animals.

The Guardian . By Sandra Laville .

‘Stop talking, start acting’ on plastic waste, Chris Packham urges G7

Human impact on Nature: Environmental Crime. Painting showing Sir David Attenborough. showing us our plastic is killing marine life and birds, and that we need to clean up.Two figures behind him throw down plastic and a puffin flies in from the sea to feed its chick with plastic
2018. UK. Thanks for Sir David Attenborough. He has shown us our plastic is killing marine life and birds, and that we need to clean up. Oil on board. 100 painted vows.

300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced every year but less than 10% of all plastic has ever been recycled. Calling for the issue to be a priority at next month’s G7 summit in Cornwall, television presenter Chris Packham, along with Nestlé, the Co-op, and Aldi, as well as raft of politicians and NGOs are all urging the government to set out a globally aligned approach to deal with the problem.

Independent .  Harry Cockburn .

UK ranked worst in G7 for losing wildlife and wild spaces

SHOPPING : The Yellow Finch Painted Lid The Yellow Finch Painted Lid oil painting of a yellow finch flying painted onto the wooden lid of a container
The yellow Finch.
An Ex Votive painting showing rows of endangered Uk Insects , displayed like a victorian specimen drawer.
March 7th 2019 . Scientists warn that our insects could be extinct in a century .

‘We should all be alarmed that while Boris Johnson is saying the right things, this is not translating into action in Westminster,’ says RSPB chief.

Independent –

Migrant crossings: Almost 200 people cross English Channel

31st May 2016. Refugees die trying to cross the sea . 100 Painted Vows . Ex Votive.

Nine boats carrying almost 200 migrants crossed the English Channel in one day.

The Home Office said a further 53 people were prevented on Thursday from making the journey by French authorities, who stopped three boats.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Criminal gangs are putting people’s lives at risk. These dangerous and unnecessary crossings to the UK from safe EU countries are taking advantage of our broken asylum system, which is why we are working to fix it.”


Dominic Raab welcomes G7 foreign ministers to London for first face-to-face talks in two years as they discuss ‘rising threats’ from China and Russia

Asked what message the summit communique to be issued on Wednesday will send to authoritarian regimes, Mr Raab said: ‘We believe in keeping trade open, we believe in standing up for open societies, for human rights and democracy, we believe in safeguarding and promoting public good, whether it is the environment and tackling climate change, particularly with (climate change summit) Cop26 coming up in November, but also dealing with pandemics and public health more generally.’

Painting of a woman driving in a car with Russian bombers flying above St Eval church, Cornwall , and Typoon jets escorting them away.
18th Feb 2014. St Eval, Cornwall. Sue Bamford saw two Russian Bear Bombers flying above the A30. RAF Typhoons escorted them away. Oil on Board . 100 PaintedVows . Ex Votive.
A painting about the poisoning of two people in Salisbury. The father and daughter are on a bench unconcious , 2 men in protective suits attend, the cathedral is behind and Theresa May talks with a police man.
March 5th 2018 . Salisbury England . Russian Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia fight for their lives , after being poisoned with a nerve agent. Oil on board. 100 painted Vows . Ex Votive.
Ex Votive.Effect of war on children.Painting title - April 27th 2016 Al Quds Field Hospital , Aleppo ,Syria. Staff and Patients are killed in an air strike by Government and Russian forces. Oil on board.Two children are injured one cries and looks at his damaged hands. Behind them a bomb explodes and two men in dark suites watch .
Title – April 27th 2016 Al Quds Field Hospital , Aleppo ,Syria. Staff and Patients are killed in an air strike by Government and Russian forces. Oil on board.100 painted Vows.
War : painting about the war in Syria dated 2014.The central panel of a triptych to remind us of world conflict - flower paintings either side are memorials to the suffering and loss of war. It shows a family ,a bomb drops from a helicopter and two angels grieve over what is happening.
Syrian Family. Part of triptych . Oil on board . 2014

G7 ministers will invest 15 billion US dollars (£10.9 billion) in development finance over the next two years to help women in developing countries access jobs, build resilient businesses and recover from the impacts of Covid-19.

They are also expected to sign up to new targets to get 40 million more girls into school, and 20 million more girls reading by the age of 10 in poorer nations by 2026, the FCDO said.

But the commitments come as Mr Raab faces sustained criticism for cuts to foreign aid, from 0.7% of national income to 0.5%, citing the financial impact of the pandemic.Those attending were also due to discuss violence in Ethiopia, Iran and North Korea, Somalia, the Sahel and western Balkans, as part of what the UK Government said were ‘pressing geopolitical issues that threaten to undermine democracy, freedoms and human rights’. 

Ex Votive.The effect of war on women and children. Painting title.25th August 2017. Many thousands of Muslim Rohingya refugees suffer as they seek safety in Bangladesh to escape the violence. In the foreground woman and children await their fate, one holds a baby with a burnt head, behind them are soldiers with guns, beyond a home is on fire.Aung San Suu Kyi walks down a red carpet towards the viewer.
Title – 25th August 2017. Many thousands of Muslim Rohingya refugees suffer as they seek safety in Bangladesh to escape the violence.


G7 leaders told to scrap discriminatory gender laws from statute books

(This article is more than 1 year old) G7 leaders at the summit in Biarritz. 

The G7 leaders have been told to get rid of discriminatory gender laws that still exist on their statute books and begin enshrining equal rights in the legal system.

Discriminatory laws range from the UK’s legal position on child marriage, to limits on free contraception in Germany, or regressive laws on abortion in certain US states and a lack of federal law guaranteeing paid maternity leave.

February 2019. Across the world millions of children are being forced into marriage . Oil on board . 100 PaintedVows

The leaders were addressed by the Nobel laureate Nadia Murad – a Yazidi woman from Iraq who was kidnapped and raped by Islamic State before she escaped, going on to become a human rights campaigner –– and Denis Mukwege a Congolese gynaecologist who has treated tens of thousands of rape survivors.

Ex Votive Painting. Title. 2014, September 23rd. A pregnant woman escapes an Isis camp near Mosul where kidnapped women and girls are held for conversion , sold as slaves and for sex. 3 women await their fate in distress, 2 hooded men hold weapons.
Wednesday 23rd Sept 2014. A pregnant woman escapes camp in Mosul, held with other women to convert to Islam by Isis . She walked for 3 days to escape. 3,500 women and girls as young as 9 are kidnapped and sold for slaves and for sex. We give thanks for the pregnant woman who escaped and remember and pray for the women there. Oil on board. 100 painted Vows. Ex Votive.
A woman has two small daughters taken by Isis. She goes mad shouting the world must help us or they will never be seen again. She lives under a bridge. 23rd September 2014. Oil on board. Ex Votive.

The Guardian . Angelique Chrisafis.

Mums too poor to buy nappies, 200 rise in families using food banks – why Biden’s G7 heaven is hell for residents

Painting about poverty in Cornwall.Showing a child and figures with a food bank van by the seaside.
July 2018. Cornwall.Uk. Food Banks across the country continue to be a vital lifeline for many.

But as Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Angela Merkel and Co discuss cancelling Third World debt, they will be doing so in one of the poorest parts of Britain — where thousands struggle to feed their families or buy nappies for their babies. 

The use of local food banks has soared by 200 per cent in the last year alone. 

“People think Cornwall is the second home of the rich and famous — well, a small part might be but the rest of us are really struggling. 

“We’ve got a real problem here. I’ve been out of work for ten months and using the food bank for six months because it’s the only way me and my ten-year-old son can eat.

A Prayer painting showing homeless people sleeping in winter . Behind is St Michaels Mount - December 2018 . Cornwall . The homeless struggle to survive the freezing temperatures . Dave said ," I just want to go to heaven ". St Petrocs help .
December 2018 . Cornwall . The homeless struggle to survive the freezing temperatures . Dave said ,” I just want to go to heaven “. Oil on board. Ex Votive .

The Sun. Ben Griffiths . Graeme Culliford

Government continued to source PPE from Malaysia suppliers accused of modern slavery 

Gloves manufactured by a company under investigation for labour abuses, are being used by frontline healthcare workers in the NHS. The government continued to source personal protective equipment (PPE) from companies facing modern slavery allegations, despite promises to crack down on suppliers accused of labour abuses, The Independent can reveal.

Ex Votive.Painting showing a man to the centre arms crossed, with attitude and a stick looks out at the viewer around him are examples of figures enslaved.
18th February 2019. Slavery still exists across the world. Oil on board. 100 vow paintings. Ex Votive.
Covid Nurses fight to save a life . Oil on board . 2020.

The Independent . Samuel Lovett .