A close up of painting on a chair of the dragon being killed by St George on Flora Day in Helston.

Flora Day Helston, 2022

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A close up of painting on a chair of the dragon being killed by St George on Flora Day in Helston.
Flora Day Chair. Pageant . Detail of the dragon being killed by St George. Acrylic on wood. Recycled timber. 2022.

This event over the years has provided a frequent source of ideas for my paintings , here are just a few examples, inspired by this wonderful Cornish tradition.

Painting: Children dancing and laughing at Flora Day Helston Cornwall
8th May 2017. Helston, Cornwall.10 am the children dance together on Flora Day. From the series ‘One Hundred painted Vows’. Ex Voto.

When the bluebells carpet the nearby forest , it is time for the people of Helston to celebrate with one of our oldest British traditions , a double celebration after the Covid restrictions.

A bunch of Lilly of the valley flowers in a jug. Positioned on a windowsill in Cornwall with cottages beyond.
Flora day. Lily of the valley, studio window . Acrylic on board.April 2011.10 1/2 x 6 1/4″. Archive.

When you are in amongst the crowds and the Helston Brass Band begins to play . You can feel the thump thump of the beating bass drum going right through you, and as the river of couples in their finery begin to move, dancing their way through the decorated streets , in and out of the houses ….. I feel very grateful to the people of Helston for their generosity, in keeping this wonderful custom alive for us all to enjoy.

Painting:Children dance in white dresses following one another on Flora Day
Flora Day I. Oil on board. Part of ‘I love Cornwall’ Series. Archive/Sold.
In the studio. Recycled timber, hand made chairs . Left – Flora Day, the Children’s dance . Right – The thinking chair .

biscuit box

A painting on a box of dancing figures and the Green Man on Flora Day in Helston.
Flora Day. Hal-an-Tow. Biscuit box. Oil on wood. Archive
A drawing on a jug of a girl dancing with flowers in her hair.
Painted ceramic jug .The children’s dance, Flora Day. Archive.

If you are lucky enough to be going, take some comfortable shoes ….and have a wonderful day x !

Oh, to be able to sleep through a murder like Bob!
A mug with picture of children dancing wearing white .
Children’s dance,Flora Day Helston. Available from the shop soon.

Link : https://helstonfloraday.org.uk