Painting:Two people wearing bags on their heads,and yellow rubber gloves, and taped black bin liners while shopping during the Coronavirus Pandemic .

Family shopping .

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Detail from a painting entitled Family shopping -It shows a person with a paper bag on their head wearing yellow rubber gloves to open his wallet while his partner beyond wears a mask made from a kellogg's  cereal packet and black bin liner while shopping during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020.
Detail. Family shopping .Oil on board. 2020

This Pandemic has been life changing for everyone. Many people have suffered very badly, and it continues to be a difficult time on so many levels .

As a painter and visual narrator , one of the more curious sights to emerge over the last few months has been the very inventive masks that people have made, using the most unexpected materials. Modifying and adapting whatever is to hand, in an attempt to keep safe when leaving home.

The result has been an amazing array of videos and photographs on line, which record the unusual as standard or somehow ordinary now.

With this in mind, I wanted to celebrate our inventiveness in an emergency, and mark that moment in society when the eccentric became quite ordinary.