Painting:A red dog stands and stares at something on the pavement.

Dogs x

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A dogs loyalty is well recognised the world over , their forgiveness and love is so bountiful, even from those that have short and pitiful lives . In my experience having a dog as part of the family is brilliant, sometimes messy , occasionally worrying but mostly good fun and a laugh. The worst and hardest bit, is when you have to say goodbye, they leave a massive dog shaped hole in your heart. In this post I want to honour all dogs with a few of my paintings and some wonderful vintage photos,( unfortunately I am not sure who took those), they all record some very special relationships x .

Red Dog . 1985 . Oil on paper .
The little Nurse . 2003 . Oil on board . 41x43cm
Prayer Painting – October 26th 2014. Afghanistan . After 13 yrs UK troops leave Camp Bastian. Conrad Lewis was killed by a sniper, one of 453 British Troops that died. Peg his adopted stray, is sent to live with his grieving family. Prex Precis. EV.
Dancing with the dog,(Jubilee) . 2012 . Oil on board.
1962: Charles Tumbridge riding his scooter through the streets of Kensal Rise, London, with his pet dog Susie in his mobile kennel.
Wounded soldier waiting on the Allied beachhead in France for transportation to a hospital in England with a stray dog, 1944
Painting of the artists dog asleep in a chair, at Porthleven Net Loft, Cornwall.
Ruby Sleeping . Oil on paper . 1987 (The old net loft, Porthleven).
Studies,Ruby Sleeping . Pencil on paper .
Sad boy . Oil on board . 2002 .
Prayer painting – 5th May 2016 . Taoyuan, Taiwan . Gentle vet , Chien Chih – Cheng had to euthanise hundreds of stray dogs . Persecuted by Media and Cyber Bullies , she killed herself. Her note said , ” Please value life”.
Prayer painting – December 2018 . Cornwall . The homeless struggle to survive the freezing temperatures . Dave said ,” I just want to go to heaven “.

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painting of Jacobs dream at Bethel Jacob sleeps and dreams of the scene behind of angels ascending to heaven and descending to earth - detail from an oil painting in All Saints Church Marazion Cornwall
Jacobs Ladder . Oil on board . All Saints Church, Marazion, Cornwall.
1954: A cyclist in Holland transports her pet dog in one of the panniers on the back of her bicycle.
Mabel . August 2010 – 7.40 am April 21 2021. The lid , Painted box 2013.
Mabel . Painted box .

This poem by Edna St Vincent Millay, for me, sums up when they have sadly gone.

Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring,

    And all the flowers that in the springtime grow,

    And dusty roads, and thistles, and the slow

Rising of the round moon, all throats that sing

The summer through, and each departing wing,

    And all the nests that the bared branches show,

    And all winds that in any weather blow,

And all the storms that the four seasons bring.

You go no more on your exultant feet 

    Up paths that only mist and morning knew,

Or watch the wind, or listen to the beat

    Of a bird’s wings too high in air to view,—

But you were something more than young and sweet

    And fair,—and the long year remembers you.