Painting:Children and an old lady enjoying looking for butterflies outside . Ex Voto.

Counting Butterflies.

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Its that time of year again . Between Friday 17th of July and Sunday August 9th we are encouraged to keep an eye on the health of the butterfly and moth populations out there in our gardens and environment. If like me you are not confident , don’t worry, there is a chart to down load to help with identification.

Right, I’ve got their information , now all I need is a promising looking spot in the garden, a cup of tea and my glasses .

painting- of a boy with butterflies around him, a little girl and her dog and a grandmother and grandchild walking away in search of butterflies. Butterflies and Moths Annual National Survey .Oil on board . 100 painted vows.
Title. July 20th – 12th August 2018 . Many people join in and count Butterflies and Moths for the Annual National Survey .
Oil on board. 100 painted vows.
painting- Scientists warn that our insects could e extinct in a century-3 rows of 16 insects painted to represent a victorian display case of dead insects.Includes beetles, butterfly-moth-spider-stag beetle
Endangered insects. Oil on board 2019.100 painted vows.