Contemporary Fisherwomen.

I came upon the work of Photographer Craig Easton recently. He has made a wonderful study of contemporary Fisherwomen of the country. In his work he celebrates the roll of women in the fishing Industry, communities and their links to centuries gone.

Craig Easton. The Hands that gut the Herring.

Living and working in Cornwall I have gained the greatest respect for anyone who lives from the sea, out in all weathers and conditions, when any misjudgment can have serious consequences .

The Newlyn School Artists told of similar stories at the time. Perhaps offered in a less fashonable form. All the same, the painters skill and narrative brought those women to life , they’re faces and clothes, red working hands , the community, and the tragedies .

By Elizabeth Forbes. Penlee House Museum Penzance .

To find out more about both Craig Easton and some of the Newlyn Artists follow the links below.

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