Painting:Two seated children look at a bald chicken with angels hand in hand beyond.

Childhood and children – The artists muse .

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Painting of two children looking at a naked chicken that science invented to save time in the meat industry. Childhood innocence, science, morality, politics.
Children looking at a naked chicken . Oil on card . 2006. 10 x 13″

I have over the years often returned to children and childhood as the subject of my paintings. This follows two paths of exploration, my own childhood memories and experiences, and the lives and moments I witness of children that are part of my family or that I happen to encounter.  

Painting of a girl singing to the family pet spirits.
Holly sings to the angel pets
painting of a child by the sea, pushing a pram with a doll and teddy passed a frightening scarecrow.
Child with a pram . Oil on board . 2012 .

Children are so full of hope, and unencumbered by ego. They live for the moment and embrace life, real or imagined . They trust us to do the right thing, by them and for the world, the same things that mattered to us when we were small, and that so many adults have long since forgotten or abandoned, for whatever reason . 

A tonally dark painting of a child lighting a church candle, behind her is a painted figure.
Remember you are loved . Oil on board . 2008 .

In some paintings I have explored the moment a child recognises the power they hold over a weaker friend, I wonder, what path will they choose, to be kind or to harm?

Painting of a boy encouraging his dog to leap off a cliff- continues to observe power within a relationship, who holds it, can they be trusted with it. Moral questions and subject matter frequently explored in her other work.
Oil on board. 2007. Part of ‘Fragile lives’ series.

Those I know hold a lust for life, like to laugh, are full of hope and want to learn, to know how things work. Viewing the world with humanity and openness, uncluttered by too much analysis. They are good company with amazing ideas, which are refreshing and humbling.

Painting of a boy with a pony on Dartmoor
‘Don’t rush through life, take time just to be’

Just a few of the reasons children and childhood continue to inspire my work.

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