Stay Safe x.

These are difficult times, but some will be finding life much worse because of the lock down.

This painting sends a message of love to those courageous children, men , women and animals who suffer the ongoing torment of living with a member of The Dark Triad, who demand their daily abuse fix. 

Dark Triad, Oil Painting, Still life, Woman artist, Angels, Sea view,Cornwall, message of love, flowers in a jug, gallery, collectors,

First Light.
Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Service

Helpline: 0300 777 4777
Professionals’ Enquiry Line : 01872 241 711
Secure email:

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Wait Without Hope

By T.S.Eliot

Finch, Bird,Oil painting, Cornish artist, women artists,  galleries, bird in art, illustration of a finch,
Finch.Oil on wood.

I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope
For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,
For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith
But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.
Whisper of running streams, and winter lightning.
The wild thyme unseen and the wild strawberry,
The laughter in the garden, echoed ecstasy
Not lost, but requiring, pointing to the agony
Of death and birth.

T. S. Eliot, East Coker

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This Mothers Day.

Porthleven anemones, Mothers day, Cornish flowers in the window ,women artists, gallery, oil painting, still life.
Cornish Anemones in the window. Oil on wood.

To all you Mum’s out there, a special thank you !

And, we remember those cherished Mums no longer with us x .

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The little Nurse.

It looks like we may have to do a bit of this , and take extra care of one another for a while x.

Nurse, oil painting, child and pet dog, Cornish painter, women artist,  collectors
The little nurse. oil on board. 2003

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Old friends at Market House Gallery.

I was reacquainted last week with two paintings I made many years ago, recently acquired by Paul Longthorne, the Director of Market House Gallery, Marazion.

Oil painting, child with ducks, Zoe Cameron, Gallery, art for sale , Modern art, art collectors,Cornish artist, women artists.Children in art.

The earlier of the two is this oil painting, ‘ Girl with Ducks’ dated 1984. 

In the 1980’s, I made number of painting exploring the theme of relationships between children and animals … cats and ducks in particular. This painting was made when I lived in a rural cottage between Gloucester and Ledbury. There I had a small studio with a window that overlooked a few dwellings and fields towards the town. During those years, I was selling work through, what was then, Rooksmoor Mills Gallery, Nailsworth and the Arts Centre Cirencester.

In 1987, we moved to Cornwall, and for many years I rented an Acme Studio in the Old Net loft at Porthleven. The new studio and location naturally influenced my work in many ways, and it also gave me the opportunity to have people to model for me, like Paula, recorded in this oil painting below, at the time she had begun the male to female transition .

oil painting, male to female transition, porthleven artists studios, Zoe Cameron, Gallery,

If you wish to contact the gallery about either of these paintings, here is the link –

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On Valentines Day.

Valentines day.Oil painting.Still life.Summers day.Flowers in a vase.


It’s all I have to bring today—

This, and my heart beside—

This, and my heart, and all the fields—

And all the meadows wide—

Be sure you count—should I forget

Some one the sum could tell—

This, and my heart, and all the Bees

Which in the Clover dwell.

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Holocaust Memorial day.

Holocaust Memorial Day is the anniversary of the day in 1945, when allied troops entered the largest concentration camp Auschwitz.

Today I wish to add my respects to Holocaust Survivors , and remember all those who suffered and perished.  

This day is a reminder that reasonable people rationalise poisonous words of hate, to dehumanise and justify inhumanity.

Better to harness the positive power of words to build bridges, to create and not to destroy.

Holocaust Memorial Day. Auschwitch ll Berkenau. Hungarian Jewish Children 1944,Prayers.
Prayer Painting : Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 . It records
1944, Auschwitch ll Berkenau where the images I used at the top of this painting were found on the walls of the concentration camp, drawn for the children. The figures I have painted below are of Hungarian Jewish Children and an Elderly Woman on their the way to the Gas Chambers .

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Painting of Porthleven 1987.

Lot number 662 is an oil painting I made in 1987, when for many years I rented an Acme Studio in the Cornish fishing village of Porthleven, in what was the old Net Lofts. I used to go there with Ruby, my little dog. I would paint for a bit then we would take a break and walk along the cliffs. The views from the second floor studio window were spectacular as the building is positioned right on the harbour side. The Mens Institute with its clock tower has been the subject matter for many an artist and photographer especially when the storms come in .

When I rediscover work that I made some time ago its like being united with an old friend, and all the memories associated with that time come flooding back . This is coming up for sale at David Lays Auctions, Penzance, Cornwall on Thursday 31st January 2020.

Porthleven harbour, Cornwall. Oil painting . Seascape with Mens Institute Porthleven. Cornish harbour village .

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Jacqueline Sarsby

Jacqueline Sarsby , social anthropologist and photographer, has guest-curated an exhibition at the Gloucester Museum which opened on 12th October 2019 and closes on 18th April 2020, so there is still time to take a look. It is called ’The Magical World of William Simmonds, Puppets and Paintings’.

A treasured image that I keep in my studio is a beautiful black and white photograph taken by Jacqueline , called’ Catherine White and Kitty’, in it she records a little girl with her black and white cat . It evokes fond memories of childhood and pets. In that photograph, at that moment, Jacqueline Sarsby captured something unspoken, the affection and shared trust between the two.

This is her latest publication

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This week in the studio I spent an hour or two , playing with my little boxes of mixed typefaces, images and quick drying black ink . I used a very simple relief printing method to make a few thank you cards, something I began many years ago when I was unable to find the cards that I liked in the shops.

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‘Don’t rush through life, take time just to be’

To feel at one with the earth and all things living .

Title :’Don’t rush through life, take time just to be’.
Oil on board . 2008. 11 x 14 ins. (Boy with a pony, Dartmoor)..

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Arch Angel Michael to guide us into the New Year .

To guide us as we enter a new year, here is Arch Angel Michael from a painting which hangs in All Saints Church Marazion .

“Arch Angel Michael ” . Detail .

Wishing you a very happy and healthy year .

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Christmas 2019.

At this time of year , we give thanks for the good people, family and friends that are a part of our lives and remember the happy times spent with those no longer with us.

Wishing you happiness, peace and good health in 2020 x.

With family watching a Cinderella panto. Oil on board.

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.

For in the Dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed .

Lines from the prophet.

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Stay cosy.

As the nights draw in, its the perfect time to get ourselves cosy and warm, with some good music and company , here are some of my companions in the studio at the moment.

Putti. Detail from Archangel Michael weighs souls.
Detail from Archangel Michael weighs souls.

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Remembrance Day.

On this important day, I share in remembering much loved members of my family and all the brave men and woman who have, and continue to sacrifice their lives for ours. We will remember them.

Narcissi in a jug.

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It’s Halloween.

When “All Hallows’ Eve”  or Allhallowtide is celebrated, it is a time to pray for recently departed souls who have yet to reach heaven, and a time to honour the saints. As in many traditions, it follows natures calendar, a time of dying back. 

Below are just a few of the 80 etchings and aquatints, made by Goya, entitled ‘Los Caprichos’, they were made in 1797 & 1798 and are just as relevant and awe inspiring now . 

In this series he recorded the true horrors of war and life . Not only did he interpret how base human nature could be, but how a persons grotesque fantasies could lead them into an abyse, lost to this world. 

So ,don’t forget to light your lantern, to keep those evil spirits at bay.

Goya. Los Caprichos 68. ‘Pretty teacher’.
Goya. Los Caprichos 47. ‘A gift for the Master’
Goya. Los Caprichos 61. ‘They have flown’.
Goya. Los Caprichos 49. ‘Hobgoblins’.
Goya. Los Caprichos 80. ‘It’s time’.
Goya. Los Caprichos 74.’Don’t scream Stupid’.

This wonderful work by Goya is at the Prado Museum, Madrid.

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On world Animal Day.

It would be great if we could all do a bit more of this ……

‘Show respect & consideration for all living things’.
Oil on board. 2008.

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William Blake at Tate Britain

Considered an English Romantic, Blake was a visionary painter, printmaker and poet. Through life, he explored the powers of the imagination and of creation. He questions the meaning of being, his relationship to the divine and the fundamental tension between the individual life and human condition . 

11th Sept 2019 – 2nd February 2020. 

William Blake. Songs of Innocence & Experience
William Blake. To the evening Star.
William Blake. The Ghost of a flea.

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‘Bathers with a turtle’. 1908.

I came across this beautiful and tender painting today in a book on Matisse, and thought I would share it with you. It hangs in Saint Louis Art Museum.

Detail of bathers face
Detail of turtle

I hope that you have had a great Bank Holiday, bathing , feeding a turtle or however you have spent your time …….

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“The Way It Is

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among
things that change. But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.

By William Stafford

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Cornish Celtic Way

Canon Nigel Marns lovely book, the ‘Cornish Celtic Way’ had a great review in the Guardian .

It highlighted one memorable quote by Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. “Love the animals, love the plants, love everything,” it urges. “If you love everything you will perceive the divine mystery in all things.”

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year!

Detail from ‘Prayers’, 2018.

Raise a glass to those we love who are no longer with us.

And tell those close that you love them while you can.

Wishing you my friends good health and happiness in 2019. x

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Remembrance Sunday.

Today we remember those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for us.  

Few families remained untouched by the First World War . My own Grandmother lost her beloved Father, Thomas Henry Hearder Perring , of the Devonshire Regiment . They lived at the time at the Barbican Plymouth, in upstairs lodgings which remain almost unaltered, as it is now the museum. 

When I visited the house with my Grandmother before she died she explained how they had lived, where her fathers easle stood, and the yard below where the local boys played football with a makeshift ball . Thomas Perring a scenic and landscape artist studied painting under Opie in Plymouth until one day he left and never returned. A stretcher bearer killed in action on the front . 

This is a little painting I made of his son , my Uncle Coyte, a man I knew and loved .He served in the second world war, and did come home. He wrote poetry in quiet moments and this painting includes one of his I discovered in his small note book, long after he too had died.

We remember them.

Uncle Coyte.

His Poem.

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Welcoming Autumn.

Looking out of the window in the studio, with the cat and some mellow music for company, I welcome autumn and its colours.

‘Summer flowers’.


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‘The Wedding group’.

Wishing everyone happy viewing and a happy day in Windsor.

‘The Wedding group’.
Children with their dog in a fancy dress competition, cornwall.

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This seaside beauty has turned up from the past.

This Papier – mache sculpture that I made in the 1980’s, (having just left art college), is coming up for sale through Chorleys Auction house Gloucester , at 10 am on May 15th 2018 . I used to sell through Rooksmoor Gallery Stroud at that time ….  estimate £60 – £80 .

Lot 361: Zoe Cameron . Seaside Beauty/signed and dated to base 1981/papier-mâché, 56cm high

Seaside beauty.

The base. Title date and signature.

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The old fighter

This small watercolour is of my old embattled cat,  once a stray. Now in his dotage, he is my constant companion . As I watch him in deep slumber, warm and safe, his paws and whiskers twitch as relives his  youthful adventures .


Taken from a poem about a cat by Pablo Neruda –

Sometimes it grew so much in sleep

Like a tiger’s great-grandfather,

And would leap in the darkness over

Rooftops, clouds and volcanoes.

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Mothering Sunday

For all lovely Mums on Mothering Sunday ….. and remembering those not with us x.

Doreen’s Anemones.Oil on board.

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For you on Valentines day x

Cornish flowers . Oil on board . 2006.


(The lavender heart is made by the crochet queen Mary Redden).

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Have a FAB Christmas!

I would like to wish my dear friends a Happy Christmas, and a healthy & peaceful New Year x . Raise your glass to all those we love that are no longer with us, for they remain in our hearts and thoughts x.



Me and my friend Mark, playing Lady Penelope and Parker on the village green in the 1960’s.


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“Don’t be afraid of change”.

“Don’t be afraid of change”. Oil on board . 2009 . From the series of paintings , “How to live a good life”.


Christmas is a time we try and spend with our families. It is also a time of year I especially miss loved ones that are no longer with us .This painting made in 2009 , depicts a small group of female members of my family.

I have placed my grandmother in the centre of this picture wearing a hat, and wings to denote her passing . She is painted as a young woman before she married and went on to have 7 children . To her left is her beloved sister Dora who died in childhood . My mother is on her right , wearing a ballet dress, she has always loved dancing, especially when she was young . I am the child on the far left , wearing an Hawaiian costume that my Grandmother made for me to enter a fancy dress competition, memorable because I was chosen to give the lady Mayoress flowers ,  it seems I had a nice curtsey . On the ground close to my mothers ballet shoes is a heart shaped pendent , which holds the picture of my much loved little sister who now has her own daughter . We stand in front of a distant horizon , as girls or young women , before starting on our adult life journeys .



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St Breaca Church, Breage. Summer 2017

Film maker Buttz and I spent time this year, on a warm summers day at St Breaca Church , Breage , Cornwall. It’s a beautiful ancient Cornish church that houses some wonderful early Christian murals. This space holds for us all, a peace and tranquility, that for me can only be found in nature or other ancient churches.

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Candy Atherton

I was sad to hear the news about Cornwall Councillor Candy Atherton . I met her many years ago when I painted a her portrait .

We met the first time at her home in 2002 , and I remember there was some excitement, as she was about to be married, and showed me her pretty wedding dress.  I then began working on ideas for this painting, and felt at the time, it was important to include her engagement ring within the final portrait, to mark that happy time in her life.


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All Saints Church Marazion – Prayer dates.

All Saints Church Marazion – Prayer dates.

If you are going to be in Marazion or planning to visit during the Cornish Celtic Way Walking Festival, you might like to join with friendly company at All Saints Church Marazion . On the following dates projected images from the Pilgrims and Shrines painting will be used as the basis for their Sacred Space Prayers.

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A film about the painting ‘Pilgrims and Shrines’.

In this short film by Buttz Mulvey, I try to give some insight into the stories behind my painting at All Saints Church, Marazion.

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Helston Flora Day. Saturday 6th May 2017.

Helston Flora Day. Saturday 6th May 2017.

Wishing all of you taking part and visiting Flora Day, a lovely time!  There is so much hard work and enthusiasm put in every year by all those involved,  keeping this important tradition alive. And as always, lots of inspiration for my paintings !

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At Easter we remember.

At Easter we remember.

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Aesops Fable’s. Topsham , Devon . 2010

Aesops Fable’s. Topsham , Devon . 2010

Today I came across a photograph of my fable paintings, hung in 2010 at a solo exhibition  at The Art Room, Topsham, Devon . The 28 paintings pictured here were made to fit into the lovely space the gable end wall offered. Debora has since moved her Gallery to new premises in the area. I had forgotten quite how much work was involved….

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St Mawgan in Meneage Church Daffodil Festival.

St Mawgan in Meneage  Church Daffodil Festival.

Over 10,000 daffodils fill Mawgan Church for the Daffodil Festival, which has taken place this weekend.I visited this morning and the scent was wonderful, and so many different varieties of flower.

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year .

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year .

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and a peaceful New Year .

May the angels always be with you, and keep you safe x.

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Pilgrims and Shrines book on sale.

Pilgrims and Shrines book on sale.

A little 40 page book entitled ‘Pilgrims and Shrines’ is now on sale and available for £5.00 from All Saints Church, Marazion. The painting, which records why All Saints Church was built on St Michaels Way in Cornwall,  also explores life journeys and pilgrimages.

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Aleppo 2016. In our thoughts and prayers.

Aleppo 2016. In our thoughts and prayers.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams

his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream

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Making a small book with the St Austell Printing Company.

Making a small book with the St Austell Printing Company.

All Saints Church Marazion & I have been working together on a small book, its theme is life journeys . This little publication is for meditation, and accompanies the Pilgrims and Shrines painting now hanging in the church.

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‘Pilgrims and Shrines’ at All Saints Church, Marazion, Cornwall

‘Pilgrims and Shrines’ at All Saints Church, Marazion, Cornwall

On Thursday 29th September 2016, at All Saints Church, Marazion, the large oil painting which took two years to complete, was installed and went on public view.

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The Vyvyan Coach House, St Mawgan in Meneage Church, Cornwall. 10th Sept 2016.

The Vyvyan Coach House, St Mawgan in Meneage Church, Cornwall. 10th Sept 2016.

The coffee morning was a busy and happy event. It is one of the many ways, a small group of stalwart members of the local community, work so hard behind the scene to raise funds for this church, and other good causes.

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Two new paintings to be unveiled at two different sites this month.

Two new paintings to be unveiled at two different sites this month.

Two new paintings are going to be unveiled at two different sites during September 2016.

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Painting to be Unveiled .

Painting to be Unveiled .

In 2015 , I was invited to make a painting for Mawgan Church. It has been a pleasure for me to do this, particularly as it is where I was married to my husband Geoff ,  in 2005, during the harvest festival.

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Flora Day Saturday 7th May 2016

To all those visiting Helston on Flora Day, have a happy time!

Detail of Flora Day painting. 2011.
Detail of Flora Day painting. 2011.

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Lander Gallery Truro.

These paintings will be at the Lander Gallery in Truro, Cornwall until June 4 2016. The Gallery Cafe is always a nice place to stop and have a cup of tea too !

Seagull study 1987.
Seagull study 1987.

Study of Seagull resting. 1987. Oil on board
Seagull resting. Study
1987. Oil on board


Snowdrops, studio window. Jan 2008.
Snowdrops, studio window. Jan 2008.

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Ken Livingston recycled .

This is a large oil painting made in 2009 depicting Ken Livingston. It’s title is ‘Recycling Ken’. At that time I decided to have him remade,  in my mind he is being sewn into a draught excluder, as I have always found him a bit of a wind bag.

Recycling Ken. Oil on board. 2009. 30 x 38 ins
Recycling Ken. Oil on board. 2009. 30 x 38 ins




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December 2015.

Here are some of the pieces that left my studio in December 2015, destined to become Christmas gifts.

A Portrait commission –  oil on wood. This triple portrait was painted onto a pine wooden box, designed to be both useful, and a reminder in years to come of the families happy times. Inside the musical angel is symbolic for one of the family.

1.Portrait commission.

2.Commission. Inside

Two painted wooden tea boxes.

Tea box 2

Tea box

Two cases designed to hold spectacles, painted with angels.


Glasses case 1.


Glasses case 2


‘An angel singing to birds’. Oil and gold leaf on board.

3. 188. Angel singing to birdsjpg copy



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Madam Cyn .

I was sad to hear of the death of 82 year old Cynthia Payne last Sunday. She was a real character and a sweet lady with a twinkle in her eye . Some years ago I met her at one of Lord Bath’s Do’s, at a London Embassy. Before parting she gave me her card , when I turned it over it had this message on the back …. she was cheeky !


*Cynthia Payne



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The St Breaca Madonna hangs in Godolphin Chapel.

The ancient Church of St Breaca , found in the Cornish village of Breage , is known for its beautiful medieval murals one of which shows St Christopher carrying Christ as a child on his shoulder .

St Christopher. Mural, St Breaca church. Breage, Cornwall.
Mural, St Breaca Church. Breage, Cornwall.

Last year I made a painting for Godolphin Chapel in St Breaca Church  , it depicts Mary with Christ as a child.  My hope was that by hanging the painting on the wall, originally to the left of the altar , that the image of Mary and Christ might in some way welcome visitors that enter , particularly as the space is also known as a healing chapel. For that reason I did not paint Christ as a babe in arms, as to me, this is a demanding time for any mother, rather, I chose to present them more informally, Christ as a small child, wrapping himself in his his Mothers cloak, compositionally freeing Mary , to ‘connect’ with the visitor  .

On 1st Nov 2015 , we attended a Sunday Service taken by Father Peter, a small part of the ceremony marked the refurbishment of The Godolphin Chapel ,( which is connected historically with the Godolphin family and Godolphin House, now a part of the National Trust) . The little Chapel now has new chairs, kneelers , an oak altar rail and wooden chest made by Trefor Bowen and I am pleased to be able to say that ‘The St Breaca Madonna, now hangs permanently in the Chapel, to the right of the altar by request. It seems the congregation wanted to be able to see her in the chapel from their seats , while attending service in the main church .

'St Breaca Madonna'.
‘St Breaca Madonna’.

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Bird Beds.

Last weekend we had to take down Ivy that had grown on the house walls. It was causing real damage . The problem was that our much loved resident sparrows had made it their home, so, after a sleepless night, listening to the rain lashing outside and imagining them clinging on to bare twigs in the dark and rain I made them these. I cut up old boxes , reassembled them, painted them up and today they have been put up in the porch ready for new occupants.

Sparrow beds.
Sparrow beds, waiting to be put up.


Boxes fixed in the porch.
Fixed up in the porch.

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The Square Gallery , St Mawes .

Cathy came to visit me at the studio last week and took a new selection of my paintings back to The Square Gallery. So if you feel like getting some fresh air, blow away those cobwebs, watch the boats bobbing on the sea and pop into the Gallery. You will receive a friendly welcome and get to see lots of inspiring work by Cornish based artists.

Figure with bird.
Figure with bird.


The Princess & the frog.
The Princess & the frog.

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The Marquess of Bath.

As the BBC are presenting ‘All Change at Longleat’ this evening at 9pm. I thought I would look out the study I have, which I made of the Marquess of Bath in 2002. It was painted at Longleat, in his private apartments.

He was a very sweet host , happy for me to check out his wardrobe for colours and fabrics I thought best suited him , but more than that, he was a very patient sitter and interesting to chat with as I worked away mixing colours , reworking parts of the painting as I tried to catch his sparkle and a likeness.

Back in my studio in Cornwall , I used the painting as reference for the large oil portrait I made of him with Boudicca his dog .  It now hangs at Longleat House.

Oil study 2002 .  Marquess of Bath.
Oil study 2002 .
Marquess of Bath.


Portrait of Lord Bath.
Portrait of Lord Bath.


Party at Longleat . 2012
Party at Longleat . 2012


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Having heard on the news this morning that an Abattoir in Yorkshire was being investigated for cruelty to sheep and lambs, (kicking them in the head) . I thought I would post details from two larger paintings , that honour these beautiful animals.

1.‘Cornish sheep farm’ . I painted this in January, where the lambs and sheep are happy, well cared for and warm .

Detail - Cornish sheep farm

2.‘St Breaca Madonna and Child’ detail, a painting made for the Godolphin Chapel Breage.

The image of the lamb is a symbol that dates back to early Christian Art , eg The lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, a sacrificial offering, John the Baptist, and many more references .

Lamb. Detail St Breacca Madonna



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Haluna Gallery

A small collection of my paintings are available from Haluna Gallery.

Haluna is an online gallery showcasing the work of contemporary artists based in South West Cornwall and the United Kingdom alongside a selection of Post War Art and publications.
Art works can be viewed by appointment  please phone 01736 787420   0744 363 2240 or email to arrange a personal viewing if you are in the area, we look forward to helping you.

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Last week a client and I picked up a commission that had been framed by Eat Art. Mark and his team did a super job, on this frame he used walnut and gold leaf, the finish is beautiful. It is always interesting deciding how best to frame a piece of work,  on this occasion  the client was a designer & maker, so between the three of us we had plenty of ideas to throw into the pot .

At EatArt
At EatArt

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