Painting: Between parted curtains, is a pumpkin and shells on a window sill, with children playing behind.


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I love this time of year. When Mother nature begins to retreat to replenish her reserves. As a metaphor for life , I too think of autumn as being a time of harvest, completion and transition , with winter a time of endings and rest.

In the garden, a few flowers linger, the leaves are changing colour and the light has a different quality . Nights are colder , garden birds are glad of any extra seed and scraps. Indoors jumpers are at the ready and summer clothes put away .

It will soon be time for winter, and those treats that come with cosy evenings tired after muddy woodland walks. Hot chocolate and cake by the fire, favourite books , thick socks , low light and good company .

It’s a time of year that has inspired many paintings. Seeing them , especially as I grow older, it gives me the chance to go back to that moment when they were painted , the places and people …. to revisit the past .

Painting of a still life - Through the parted curtains, beyond the pumpkin and shells, children play
Still life and children playing. Oil on board 2006. 100 x 80 cm
Chicken feeding on the table, Redmarley.1985. Oil on board.
Autumn, Cornwall. Oil on board. 1998.
Walking the cut field in Autumn, Cornwall. Oil on board. 1st October 2008.
Recycling my favourite painting jumper in the garden, Cornwall. October 2021.

Enjoy the season and all its beauty x.