Painting:A seated figure with 2 birds sitting quietly on perches by blue water .

Auction of Art and Antiques .

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On Tuesday the 16th June, Barbara Kirk Auctions is holding an Online Sale of Antiques, Art and collectors items at 10am .

I have learned that a small framed painting, one of a bird series I produced some years ago is in this sale . Lot 294.’Figure and Birds III.’ Oil on board. Signed & dated . 10 x 15cm.

Through life I have felt at one with nature, but there is something about birds , their song, beauty and fragility that has me returning to them again and again as subject matter.  At the time of painting this in 1999 I was working on the theme of figures and birds in harmony within the landscape, and I had a tiny edition of prints made of some of them.

If you take a look at the Auction , you will also discover a large collection of Bob Bourne paintings, with proceeds and commissions from that work donated to a cancer charity.

Lot 294. ZOE CAMERON. ‘Figure and Birds III.’ Oil on board. Signed & dated 10 x 15cm.
Bob Bourne . Lot 356