Painting:A distraught woman by a bridge has her arm in the air. 2 girls walk away in the sky.


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It is impossible not to feel great sadness and compassion for all those involved and living in Afghanistan at the moment, as we witness their escalated fear and suffering.

A painting. A woman by a bridge is distraught , her 2 daughters disappear into the sky taken from her by Isis.
A woman has two small daughters taken by Isis. She goes mad shouting the world must help us or they will never be seen again. She lives under a bridge. 23rd September 2014. Oil on board. Ex Votive.
Ex Votive Painting. Title. 2014, September 23rd. A pregnant woman escapes an Isis camp near Mosul where kidnapped women and girls are held for conversion , sold as slaves and for sex. 3 women await their fate in distress, 2 hooded men hold weapons.
Wednesday 23rd Sept 2014. A pregnant woman escapes camp in Mosul, held with other women to convert to Islam by Isis . She walked for 3 days to escape. 3,500 women and girls as young as 9 are kidnapped and sold for slaves and for sex. We give thanks for the pregnant woman who escaped and remember and pray for the women there. Oil on board. 100 painted Vows. Ex Votive.

When I listen to the news each day, I think of the Afghan people, so afraid for their lives and future’s, especially the women. Of those who went there to help the people and animals . Our soldiers, some who remain, what must they have seen and been through. What of of those who sacrificed their lives serving over there or were hurt , and their dignified and devastated families left to pick up the pieces, whatever must they be thinking and feeling as troops leave. I can’t begin to imagine .

An Ex Votive , Prayer Painting showing Conrad Lewis his dog and Troops in Afghanistan. Title - October 26th 2014. Afghanistan . After 13 yrs UK troops leave Camp Bastian. Conrad Lewis was killed by a sniper, one of 453 British Troops that died. Peg his adopted stray, is sent to live with his grieving family. Prex Precis. EV.
October 26th 2014 . Afghanistan . After 13yrs Uk Troops leave Camp Bastian . Conrad Lewis was killed by a sniper , one of 453 British Troops that died . Peg, his adopted stray, is sent to live with his grieving family . EV .

Words, paintings or gestures, nothing is enough. As we witness these historic events in the twenty-first century, nothing seems to alter their fateful path. These small votive or prayer paintings made some years ago, keep calling out to me from the corner of the studio. A reminder that so little has changed and illustrate mans continued inhumanity to man through the atrocities of war, while the fires stoked by tyrants rage on.

A tonally dark painting of a child lighting a church candle, behind her is a painted figure.
Remember you are loved . Oil on board . 2008 .