A painting of the Virgin Mary and 2 angels at a table with a a crown of thorns, wooden cross and nails.

A painted prayer , for all Mothers who have lost a precious child.

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In 2012 I was in a church, and as I left I wished I could leave a prayer behind, and so began this project . ’One Hundred Painted Vows’, each painting inspired by personal, national and international events I felt the need to mark.

From the series ‘One Hundred painted Vows ‘ . Ex Votive.

In this short video I conclude with the work, entitled  ‘2019. Mary, a prayer for strong, brave Mothers’. It was made for Mothers Day.  Painted to honour all brave mothers who have lost a child, I wanted to try in some small way to envision the dignity, depth of love and grace I have witnessed in my own family members who have lost their precious child.

Here, Mary, Jesus’s Mother, with terrible realisation, foresees the betrayal and unimaginable suffering her beloved son will have to endure, symbolised by the objects that lay on the table before her.

These paintings and this body of work, pays homage to the tradition of Ex Votive and Christian offerings . It remains my hope, that one day the collection will find a permanent sacred home , to remind others, that we share in a common humanity and aren’t alone.