A painted Christmas Wreath hanging with a red ribbon on the front door.

A Painted Christmas Wreath.

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This year I decide to paint our Christmas Wreath for the front door. I thought I would share with you my working process photographed over a couple of weeks.

I ordered the two wooden disks online from the following supplier (Hobby Island UK. Base MDF – 30cm Wreath. HOBBY ISLAND SKU BMDFWREATH30 . £2.19). The wreath structure I have put together wouldn’t win any carpentry competitions, but it should hold up outside, under the porch of the house, because of the layers of paint, and the additional timber which was screwed in to add strength. I made sure the paint is pretty weather proof , with a base grey acrylic undercoat, followed by a green acrylic base colour. When the base structure was ready , I decided on a style of wreath, and chose my colour palette and scheme . I drew in the basic shapes in watercolour pencil ready to fill in. With this project I decided to use Oil Paint , because I like its depth of colour and it is tough when dry, but probably it would have been much easier and quicker to use an Acrylic Paint, which is equally tough, dries quickly and is easily overpainted…. unlike slow drying oil paint .

Good luck if you are making one yourself !

Wishing you a very creative Christmas !