A painting of a relaxed black cat with one eye open.

A New Year.

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This season holds us like dormant seeds in time…. the clocks have gone back and daylight is short as we begin this new year . In the studio I try to value these months , while nature sleeps . It offers us all a chance to pause, reflect, and regain our own strength in some way.

Tiger and fieldfare. Oil on board. 2005. Archive.

As children await Father Christmas, I wait for Spring and the sun light. When winter lifts its grey blanket and natures breathtaking beauty returns to our landscapes, bringing with it all its healing wonder, colour and vibrancy, when at last we are set free from the winters grip .

The black cat, Redmarley. Oil on board .1985. Archive.

So like many, I bide my time, in the mornings I feed the waiting garden birds, and learn patience from our cats….on how best to rest and relax,(ideally with the benefit of a slave), as each day I look out in hope for the first signs of Spring.